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TelePcCn Pro  

Presentation of TelePcCn Pro (New version v 2.8.0) - Language: French - English - Spanish

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Transfer of programs Digital control


TelePcCn Pro is software of Load / Dumping of Programs Digital control or of files capacities tools on Machines digitally operated Tools.

TelePcCn Pro also allows to create files Capacities Tools from the benches of leading preregulation EPB TMA 310.

  1. How to use TelePcCn: simplified Help
  2. The parameters of communication: configuration
  3. The various cablings - Examples of realization
  4. The menus of TelePcCn
  5. Bench of preregulation: parameters of configuration hatch
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  Perceived make windows in main TelePcCn Pro

TelePcCn Pro for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11

TelePcCn Pro WIN95 / 98 / NT / 2000 / XP / 7 / 8 /10 / 11 - version 2.8.0 in registered version.
Version 2.8.0 in version completes of evaluation - Update of 03/08/2010
Price inclusive of tax.
75 euro for 1 post - 200 Euro license multiposts.
Software of downloading of programs Digital control 3 languages Spanish English Frenchman
Cut Archives: 
Specialized utilities
Limitation of the versiond' evaluation
Nobody - Limited in 30 days of use for the trial version.

Software of transfer  of programs on digitally operated machine.

Software which allows to download in sending / receiving the programs CN or the files Capacities Tools on digitally operated machines. TelePcCn also allows to create automatically files capacities tools from the bench of preregulation EBP TMA 310P.
Configurations of comunication completely customizable.

Improvements of the version 2.0:
The version 2.0 allows to affect characters of the beginning of program, the end of line and the end of transfer personalized. With these improvements TelePcCn PRO allows to realize transfers with practically all the CNC of the market.

Improvements of the version 2.2.1:
Open files to the format RTF. The size of files programs is not any more limited to 64 Kb for the recorded version.
With EditCN files can be renumérotés up to 50000 lines or blocks.

Improvements of the version 2.3.0:
The file containing files programs can be automatically launched to the starting up. A configuration of communication can be automatically executed in the starting up. A order allows of "Forcer" the end of downloading in case of problems of reception.

Improvements of the version 2.4.0:
The problems were sometimes met during the récption of programs under certain configurations with Windows98SE, 2000, XP is resolved. The software possesses a 3rd option of reception which has to work with many CNC.

Improvements of the version 2.5.0:
This version possesses an explorer of files who allows a fast selection of the programs.

Improvement of the version 2.6.0:
This version allows to send and to receive files programs the size of which is not any more limited to 25000 lines of program.

Improvement of the version 2.7.0:
This version is delivered in 3 languages; French, English, Spanish.

Improvement of the version 2.8.0:
It is possible to associate programs CN in opening.

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